Project on Secondary Story Walkout Deck

Helical Pile Foundation in Tavistock, Ontario

Power Foundations was happy to help this new homeowner located in Tavistock, ON step-by-step through their deck construction process!

Helical piles are fully engineered and permit friendly. Using the site specific layout, we provided stamped engineered helical pile drawings to provide a guideline for depth and torque requirements for each pile. On the day of installation, our team lays out the site using stringlines and laser level, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and accuracy. The torque and resistance of each pile are monitored in real-time to ensure the load capacity of each pile. After installation, the pile is cut to the appropriate length by your contractor or deck builder. From there a saddle is secured on top of the pile. U-shaped or flat cap saddles in a variety of sizes are available depending on the project’s framing needs.