Concrete Foundation – Interior Crack Injection

This customer requested an interior fix to their water leakage problem as there was a deck built on the exterior in the area of the foundation crack. Interior crack injections, when completed properly, can be a permanent and cost-effective solution!

Interior waterproofing crack injection is a method used to address water leaks through a crack on the concrete foundation wall. The process involves injecting a polyurethane material into the crack, which pushes out the water, expanding 15x it’s volume to fill and effectively waterproofing the crack. By completely filling this void in the foundation wall, a barrier against water entry is created. This method is applied from the interior of the foundation, making it a less invasive and cost-effective solution compared to exterior methods.

Most crack injections stop at the injection stage, but the crack can continue to spread as the main purpose of injection material is waterproofing and not structural strengthening. We offer a carbon fiber band to be placed over the crack after injection. Carbon fiber, when saturated with the included epoxy, forms a carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) system that cures 10x stronger than steel. It is lightweight, non-corrosive, and with a minimal footprint it can easily be framed and drywalled over, or painted over for a discreet, aesthetically pleasing look.