Foundation Crack Repair & French Drain Installation

This customer reached out regarding a foundation crack allowing water to enter their finished basement apartment causing damage. During rainfall, the water would often pool in this area due to a negative grade towards the house. Our team took a comprehensive approach to solve this water problem.

First the foundation was excavated to the footing to fully expose the foundation crack. The crack was injected, and a three layered waterproofing system was placed to cover the crack.

A French drain is a type of drainage system used for waterproofing around homes, or other areas prone to water accumulation as in this instance. This system is often used to address issues related to groundwater, surface water, and low points where water accumulates and flooding can occur. It consists of excavating a trench, filling it with a gravel base, and adding a 4” perforated pipe inside. This design allows water to flow into the pipe and uses gravity for the water to be redirected away from the building. This can be a very effective system to deflect water away from “soggy points” in backyards or low points near house foundations, leaving areas dry after a heavy rainfall.

Exterior drainage and grading are crucial components of waterproofing strategies around buildings. Proper drainage and grading allows water to flow naturally away from structures, rather than accumulating and infiltrating foundation walls.